botanicrich is one of the kratom vendors in west Kalimantan Indonesia, we have been selling kratom since 2016 until now, the raw materials we process from forests in several locations on the island of Kalimantan, including 2 locations in west Kalimantan and 1 location in south Kalimantan, we harvest leaves from fresh old trees, with indoor drying and good grinding, resulting in excelent quality kratom flour products.



we serve all types of packing depending on the request of the consumer,

as a notification to consumers for the weight of packing per 100 grams will be subject to additional costs $10 /kg and the maximum weight of orders is only 20 kg per consumer. the packing would be standing pouch without design.



we apply the system the more you buy, the cheaper the price, check our prices based on quantity here:

  1. 1kg        $50
  2. 5 kg       $47 / kg
  3. 10 kg     $45/ kg
  4. 20 kg.    $ 40 / kg
  5. 100 kg.  $ 35 / kg + 1kg discount
applies multiply
purchases of more than 100kg please contact us on WhatsApp, telegram or email

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